In light of the recent wave of layoffs at Twitch, co-founder of rival platform Kick, Bijan Tehrani, suggested that a buyout of Twitch might be in the works in the near future.

Twitch, a US-based video live-streaming service known for streaming video games, esports competitions, music, and creative content, is reportedly preparing to lay off approximately 500 employees, which would constitute a 35% reduction in its workforce. This news comes after two previous rounds of layoffs earlier in 2023, bringing the total number of employees laid off to 1,000 in a single year. The layoffs have sparked concerns about the future of the streaming space and have raised questions about Twitch’s dominance in the industry.

The layoffs at Twitch have also led to speculation about the platform’s future, with some industry insiders suggesting that a buyout could be on the horizon. Jake Lucky, a gaming and esports influencer, raised the question of what would happen if Twitch were to collapse, to which Tehrani responded that Kick would eventually buy Twitch and transform it into the leading streaming service in the market.

Following this statement, Tehrani used his platform to advertise job opportunities at Kick, indicating that the company is actively recruiting in various departments, particularly in the tech sector. However, it is important to note that Kick is a relatively new platform, having been launched at the beginning of 2023 by Tehrani, Ed Craven, and Trainwreckstv.

In an effort to attract top streaming talent, Kick has secured contracts with prominent streamers such as Amouranth and xQc, offering lucrative incentives in the form of multi-million dollar contracts. Additionally, Kick has made moves to expand its presence by becoming the sleeve sponsor for Everton FC, a Premier League football club.

Overall, the recent layoffs at Twitch have raised questions about the future of the streaming industry and have prompted speculation about potential buyout scenarios. While Tehrani’s comments about Kick eventually buying Twitch may be bold, the future of the streaming space remains uncertain as competitors continue to invest in improvements and new features in an ongoing “streaming war.”

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