President Biden’s campaign against hidden charges

Additional costs that are frequently added to the price of hotel and resort accommodations, known as junk fees, have been a source of frustration for many Americans planning their vacations. These fees, some of which are undisclosed until the last moment, have left visitors with no choice but to pay extra, significantly increasing the overall cost of their reservations.

In Las Vegas, these junk fees, also known as resort fees, have become a common practice, causing displeasure among visitors. However, President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Sin City as part of his campaign has brought hope for the elimination of these fees.

During his visit, President Biden expressed his dissatisfaction with junk fees on social media, specifically calling out companies for using these fees to overcharge consumers. He also announced his intention to take action to lower the cost of living for American families by eliminating these hidden charges.

President Biden’s initiative against junk fees is not a new development. In September, he had previously raised concerns about deceptive pricing and vowed to crack down on these fees to ensure transparency for consumers.

Furthermore, in a related matter, three lawsuits filed against casino and resort operators in Atlantic City have been consolidated into one. The lawsuits alleged that six casinos in Atlantic City engaged in anticompetitive actions, leading to inflated hotel room rates in the city.

As President Biden continues his fight against hidden charges and inflated prices, there is hope for a more transparent and cost-effective experience for consumers in the future.

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