Resorts World Las Vegas, a renowned casino resort on the iconic strip, recently hosted Katy Perry’s much-anticipated concert. The show, which served as the grand finale of the Play concert residency at the Resorts World Theatre, exceeded expectations and drew massive crowds. Originally scheduled to conclude on January 15, 2022, the residency proved so popular that an additional eight concerts were added.

Among the throngs of concertgoers, a surprise sighting caught everyone’s attention: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, were spotted in the crowd. The British aristocratic couple has been close friends with Perry and her fiancĂ©e, Orlando Bloom, for several years, as they share a common disdain for paparazzi intrusion.

While it may not be entirely unexpected for the royal couple to attend such an event, their presence still sparked excitement among fans. However, some observers noted that Prince Harry appeared somewhat bored during the concert. Speculation arose that the Duke, known to have a taste for different genres of music, might not have found the performance as enjoyable as his wife did.

On the other hand, there are those who dispute this notion. A video from the event clearly shows Prince Harry nodding along in sync with Perry’s performance of her hit song “Roar,” undermining the claims of disinterest.

In other news related to Resorts World Las Vegas, the former president and COO of the establishment, Scott Sibella, faced serious allegations. A prominent Californian high roller, Robert Cipriani, accused Sibella of turning a blind eye to criminals who gambled at the casino with stolen money. Despite Cipriani’s efforts to inform the casino staff, his concerns were reportedly ignored. To compound the issue, one of the individuals involved allegedly subjected Sibella to weeks of harassment.

Earlier this year, Resorts World Las Vegas launched an anti-cyberbullying campaign ahead of NCAA March Madness. As part of this initiative, they installed a basketball court in the resort’s retail center, The District.

Overall, Resorts World Las Vegas continues to attract both global celebrities and high-profile controversies, ensuring its place as a prominent player in the world of entertainment and hospitality.

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