A bill proposing significant changes to gambling regulations in Curacao is currently being considered by the country’s parliament. Known as the National Ordinance on Game of Chance (LOK), the new regulations aim to enhance player protection and bring the gambling sector in line with global standards. However, there are concerns about the readiness of the proposal for passage.

The Independent Advisory Body of the island recently reviewed the proposal and raised several questions about its text. In a public opinion document of nearly 30,000 words, the Body expressed concerns about LOK’s compliance with the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) anti-money laundering (AML) requirements. The Advisory Body pointed out that the proposal does not sufficiently explain its compliance with these regulations, particularly concerning Curacao’s efforts to address money laundering and terrorist financing after being evaluated by FATF in 2012.

In addition to the Advisory Body’s position, members of the parliament also flagged their concerns about the National Ordinance on Game of Chance. Steven Martina MP, speaking to the Antillean Dagblad, highlighted worries about the formation of the new supervisory body, the Curacao Gaming Authority, as a foundation, suggesting it could be susceptible to political influence.

The new regulations also require online casinos licensed under LOK to display a special digital seal from the start of the new year. This is intended to increase transparency in the sector and allow licensed operators to demonstrate their status. The digital seal must be visible on the digital platforms of online casinos licensed under the LOK in Curacao.
Overall, while the proposed bill aims to strengthen player protection and bring the gambling sector in line with global standards, there are concerns raised about its readiness and potential susceptibility to political influence.

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