Mkodo Limited, a prominent provider of mobile and front-end technology for the online gaming and betting sector, has announced a new geolocation technology deal. The company has partnered with Rhino Entertainment, a fast-growing iGaming operator, to power its operations in Ontario, Canada.

As part of the deal, Mkodo will provide Rhino with access to its GeoLocs geolocation verification service. This partnership will enable Rhino to enhance its verification capabilities and provide a seamless experience for its customers in Ontario on

Stuart Godfree, Managing Director of Mkodo, expressed excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing Rhino’s growing position within the regulated gambling sector. He stated that Mkodo is thrilled to support Rhino’s journey in Ontario and expansion throughout the rest of North America.

Rhino Entertainment’s CEO, Ross Parkhill, also welcomed the partnership, noting the opportunity to elevate the experiences for its customer base in Ontario while strengthening the company’s geolocation verification capabilities. Parkhill emphasized the goal of delivering seamless and secure experiences for online players in Ontario.

The use of GeoLocs will allow Rhino’s customers to verify their location without the need to download a companion app when accessing the operator’s services via mobile and desktop devices. This innovative technology aims to provide a seamless and secure experience for players in Ontario and meet the regulatory demands of the province.

Overall, the new geolocation technology deal between Mkodo and Rhino Entertainment is set to enhance the iGaming operator’s offering and provide an improved experience for online players in Ontario.

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