Rhino Entertainment Group, a fast-growing online gaming operator based in Malta, has made history by becoming the first operator to obtain a direct license from the Curacao Gaming Control Board (CGCB). Managing four brands in reputable markets, Rhino Entertainment Group has achieved this milestone through its CasinoDays brand, thanks to a license obtained via White Star BV.

The company, which recently won the Employer of the Year title at the iGaming Idol Awards in Malta, sees this license as a testament to its commitment to responsible gambling and excellence. Rhino Entertainment Group’s CEO, Ross Parkhill, described it as a “thrilling endorsement” of their dedication to these principles.

The timing of this certification is significant, as it coincides with Curacao’s efforts to implement a new National Ordinance for Games of Chance (LOK) framework, signaling a departure from the previous Master/Sub-License structure. Parkhill expressed full support for Curacao’s regulatory processes and emphasized the added value and prestige of the direct license for their operations.

Looking ahead, Parkhill pledged to foster an open and communicative relationship with the CGCB while working towards a bright and compliant future for the online gaming industry.

Cedric Pietersz, the managing director of the CGCB, highlighted the transformative nature of 2024 for Curacao’s gaming industry. He noted the strong desire of operators to secure new licenses and emphasized the significance of Rhino Entertainment Group’s direct license as a crucial moment for the island’s growth as a premium gambling jurisdiction.

In addition to Rhino Entertainment Group, the CGCB also announced the issuance of digital seals for other operators, including Geeka Corporation NV, Games & More BV, and Small House BV. These seals serve as a mark of approval from the regulator, demonstrating compliance with the CGCB’s terms.

However, concerns have been raised regarding the compliance of the LOK with the Financial Action Task Force’s anti-money laundering requirements. Despite these concerns, the CGCB’s recent developments mark an important step forward for the regulation of the online gaming industry in Curacao.

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