Residents of Richmond, Virginia have once again voted against a proposed $562 million casino project, known as the Richmond Grand Resort and Casino. Despite claims from supporters that the project would bring economic stimulus, boost tourism, and benefit local businesses, opponents raised concerns about potential financial hardships and increased crime in the area.

The latest referendum saw 61% of Richmonders voting against the casino project, an increase from the 51% who opposed it in 2021. This outcome follows an intense battle between supporters and opponents of the project, with anti-casino group No Means No Casino, led by Paul Goldman, successfully obtaining access to voter registration lists after a legal fight against the state.

The group’s persistence in fighting the project, despite concerns about the significant funding backing the opposite side, ultimately paid off with the referendum results. Richmond residents have once again voiced their opposition to the casino project, halting its development.

Following the release of the referendum results, Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney emphasized his commitment to advocating for historically overlooked and underserved communities. He reiterated his dedication to creating opportunities for all residents, including good paying jobs and affordable child care.

In response to the outcome, Richmond Grand Resort and Casino expressed gratitude to the residents who supported the project, particularly those in southside who were heavily invested in its success. The group stated that it was proud to have engaged in a campaign aimed at providing new opportunities for the city’s residents and expressed thanks to those who voted in favor of the project.

Despite the setback, the statement from Richmond Grand Resort and Casino suggests that they will continue to pursue their goals in the future, indicating that the fight over the casino project in Richmond may not be entirely over.

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