Rivers Casino Pittsburgh is making headlines for its recent string of jackpot wins, solidifying its status as one of Pennsylvania’s premier entertainment destinations. The casino made history in August 2022 with a $1.2 million jackpot payout, but this record was quickly surpassed last week when a lucky player won an even more impressive $1.39 million while playing Fortune Pai Gow Poker.

The winning streak continued with nearly a dozen jackpots being awarded in the past week alone. Multiple visitors struck gold while playing Aristocrat’s Dollar Storm slot game, with three separate winners scoring five-digit jackpots on the same day. One player walked away with $25,686.32, another with $25,042.13, and a third with $25,088.62 – all from the Dollar Storm slot.

Saturday proved to be a particularly lucky day for visitors at Rivers Casino Pittsburgh, with one individual winning an $11,894.05 jackpot with a minuscule $0.88 wager. On the preceding Friday, the casino also announced several more sizable jackpot wins, including a $10,000 Black and White Double Jackpot, a $12,759 prize from playing Piggy Pennies, and a grand prize of $14,636.26 from the Dancing Drums Prosperity slot machine.

Not to be outdone, another fortunate guest secured a $15,152 payday after playing the Jewel of the Dragon slot machine. These recent wins have cemented the casino’s reputation as a hot spot for jackpot enthusiasts, further solidifying its appeal as a top-tier gambling and entertainment destination in Pennsylvania. With a track record of record-breaking jackpots and a continuous stream of lucky winners, Rivers Casino Pittsburgh shows no signs of slowing down.

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