FaZe Holdings Inc., a prominent gaming organization, has announced a significant sponsorship agreement with online gambling operator Rollbit. The multi-million esports deal will see Rollbit become a global partner of FaZe Clan’s Counter-Strike team, which currently holds the number one rank for the game according to CS2 Valve World Ranking.

It is important to note that the partnership between Rollbit and FaZe Clan is focused exclusively outside of the United States. This collaboration signifies a major achievement for FaZe Clan and is expected to contribute to the growth of Rollbit, particularly as esports viewership continues to rise. According to a report by GameSquare Holdings and Stream Hatchet, esports viewership in 2023 reached 2.76 billion hours, marking a 4% year-over-year increase.

This sponsorship deal with FaZe Clan follows Rollbit’s recent announcement as the European Betting partner of SSC Napoli, an Italian soccer club. Sam Norman, Rollbit’s head of partnership, expressed excitement about the collaboration with FaZe Clan and highlighted the team’s top global ranking in Counter-Strike. He also emphasized Rollbit’s commitment to expanding its sponsorship portfolio with leading sports organizations.

Erik Anderson, president of FaZe Clan, echoed the sentiment, describing the partnership with Rollbit as one of the largest sponsorships in esports and CS to date. He emphasized the significance of the deal for FaZe Clan, underscoring the organization’s dedication to delivering exceptional entertainment and ensuring excellence. Anderson expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration with the leading iGaming operator.

Overall, the strategic partnership between FaZe Holdings Inc. and Rollbit represents a significant development in the world of gaming and esports. With the continued growth of esports viewership and the combined influence of these two organizations, the collaboration is poised to create new opportunities and engage a global audience.

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