Microgaming, a renowned provider of online gaming platforms and services, has shown its dedication to responsible gambling by supporting various safer gaming charities. Collaborating with organizations like YGAM, Gordon Moody, Beacon Counselling Trust, Betknowmore UK, and Motiv8, Microgaming has provided essential financial support to help these charities expand their services and develop educational content.

Thanks to Microgaming’s backing, YGAM has been able to enhance its educational programs. Gordon Moody has utilized the additional funds to assist individuals affected by gambling-related harm. Beacon Counselling Trust used Microgaming’s funding to create an educational animated video that promotes better mental health. Betknowmore UK has updated its digital platform to include more content on safer gambling and interactive educational materials. Additionally, Motiv8 intends to utilize the money provided by Microgaming to strengthen its cost-of-living fund.

Sarah Campbell, Microgaming’s director of compliance, stressed the team’s dedication to safer gaming and responsible gambling, emphasizing that it is an integral part of Microgaming’s DNA. She expressed pride in collaborating with charities that are actively making a difference and helping those in need.

Microgaming has a history of supporting responsible gambling organizations and recognizes the importance of events like Safer Gambling Week. Last year, the company expressed gratitude to its charity partners during the week and reiterated its commitment to responsible gambling. Microgaming views Safer Gambling Week as an opportunity to highlight the exceptional work of Responsible Gaming charities in the field of problem gambling treatment and research.

During Safer Gambling Week, the charities supported by Microgaming conveyed their appreciation to the company for its invaluable support. This year, Microgaming is ready to once again back Safer Gambling Week, scheduled to take place from November 13 to 19.

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