The winner of SOFTSWISS’ Prime Network Jackpot has won a prize of €244,742.34 ($263.717,21) in a game designed by BGaming. The Prime Network Jackpot campaign is a collective effort by casino operators to set up shared prize pools driven by players, resulting in winnings being paid from these shared prize pools and not by individual operators. This allows operators to boost player loyalty and engagement and streamline their costs more effectively.

During the campaign, which took place between October 2023 and February 2024, players were able to join the online jackpot with a minimal bet set at €1, with no extra fees. In total, they wagered around €1 billion in bets in the prize pool. The very first draw of the Prime Network Jackpot was hosted by Fastpay Casino and helped a lucky gamer strike the big prize announced by SOFTSWISS.

Fastpay Casino representatives expressed their honor and luck in hosting the inaugural draw of the campaign and being the first to celebrate a winner. The symbolic win occurred in Fastpay Bonanza, a game exclusively created for them by BGaming.

Typically, regular, non-network progressive jackpot winnings do not go over the €30,000-€50,000 mark. BGaming’s chief executive officer, Marina Ostrovtsova, expressed her joy at seeing players embracing fresh industry initiatives and marked the pioneer winner in BGaming’s game made specifically for Fastpay Casino.

Following the success of the first draw, the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator announced it was preparing to launch a new Prime Network Jackpot campaign. The head of the aggregator, Aliaksei Douhin, stated that they were thrilled that the win occurred during the ICE event and they would immediately launch a brand new campaign with a prize pool starting at €300,000.

The Prime Network Jackpot campaign helped participating operators grow their key performance indicators compared to periods when non-network jackpot campaigns were running. Namely, they recorded a 7.76% rise in turnover, a 2.43% increase in total bets, and a 3.87% growth in deposits. These numbers prove the positive impact of the Prime Jackpot campaign on participating casinos, turning it into a strategic tool that allows them to boost their business metrics and player engagement.

SOFTSWISS was recently named Platform Provider of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards EMEA, further strengthening its leading position in the region.

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