Lawmakers Urged to Implement Robust Gambling Regulations to Protect Consumers

The issue of protecting customers from excessive gambling, whether it be through retail or online gambling operators, is currently in the hands of lawmakers in each country. Across Europe, Asia, North and South America, gambling regulations can vary greatly, with some markets ensuring robust player protection and others offering more lax rules. The expansion of online gambling and mobile betting in recent years has attracted more users than ever before, raising concerns about gambling harm and excessive gambling.

A new study conducted by The Lancet Public Health journal is calling for robust protection from excessive gambling and prevention. The study urges governments across the globe to recognize the harm associated with gambling and implement robust changes to the regulation, ensuring effective protection for consumers.

According to the white paper, more than 80% of countries across the globe offer some form of legal gambling. The study analyzed legislative changes completed by lawmakers in 33 jurisdictions between 2018 and 2021, seeking to assess the extent to which the protection of health and wellbeing was embedded within legislation.

The study found that most jurisdictions recognized harmful gambling as a health and well-being issue, with a focus on individual-level harms rather than wider social and economic harms or harms to others. Additionally, prevention primarily focused on individual responsibility. The study concluded that while gambling policies worldwide are changing, robust policies are needed to address gambling as a public health issue.

The findings of the study align with a call by the UK Gambling Commission’s chief executive, Tim Miller, who emphasized the importance of effective cooperation between gambling regulators on an international level. Miller supported the idea of regulators collaborating to ensure users can enjoy safe, secure, and responsible gambling services.

In conclusion, the study highlights the need for comprehensive policy action across jurisdictions to address gambling as a public health issue and protect consumers from excessive gambling. It urges lawmakers to implement robust regulations that prioritize the wellbeing of individuals and prevent harm associated with gambling.

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