Andy Sanborn, the former New Hampshire state Senator and owner of Concord Casino, has been embroiled in controversy over the alleged improper use of more than $800,000 in COVID relief funds. Last year, accusations of fraudulent activity emerged, claiming that Sanborn had misused $844,000 in Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. The allegations followed an extensive eight-month investigation.

As a result of the ongoing probe, Sanborn’s Concord Casino at the Draft Sports Bar and Grill in Concord was shut down on January 1, 2024, after the New Hampshire Lottery Commission suspended his gaming license. Despite the opportunity to appeal the license suspension, Sanborn failed to submit a request by the deadline, as reported by the Concord Monitor.

Consequently, the Concord Casino will remain closed, and Sanborn is now obligated to sell the venue within six months, with the process overseen by the Lottery Commission. Any potential buyer must secure approval from the Commission in order to purchase the property.

Michael King, an examiner involved in the case, stated that the Commission may consider revoking Sanborn’s license if the property is not sold within the specified timeframe. Meanwhile, the Commission has been monitoring surveillance to ensure that no gaming is taking place at the closed venue.

Allegations against Sanborn suggest that he obtained funds he was not eligible for by filing a COVID-19 relief application under a different company name, listing his gambling business as “miscellaneous” to skirt prohibitions on loans for such businesses. The $844,000 in funds allegedly obtained fraudulently were reportedly used for extravagant expenses, including $80,000 for a Ferrari sports car for his wife, $181,000 for two Porsche cars for himself, and $183,000 paid to himself as “rent” for the Concord Casino property.

The claims of misusing relief funds and the subsequent closure of Concord Casino have raised significant scrutiny and consequences for Andy Sanborn, shedding light on the alleged misuse of COVID relief funds and potential repercussions for his actions.

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