Sweden is planning to make significant changes to its gambling laws in an effort to crack down on match-fixing in professional sports. The government is looking to allow gambling operators to share personal customer data in certain cases, despite the current restrictions outlined in the European Union’s Data Protection Regulations.

The goal is to enable licensed gambling companies to provide information about consumers suspected of being involved in match-fixing to the Swedish regulator, Spelinspektionen/SGA. This move is aimed at preventing the manipulation of professional sporting events. If approved, the new measure will take effect from December 1, 2024.

Niklas Wykman, a proponent of the measure, emphasized the importance of collaboration between licensees and the regulator to combat game-fixing. He argued that the regulator would need access to crucial customer information to effectively protect the Swedish sporting sector from fraud.

In other gambling news, the Spelinspektionen recently took enforcement action against two operators, Smein Hosting and True Polygon Entertainment, for operating without a license. Both companies were banned from the country as part of Sweden’s efforts to combat illegal gambling and fraud. The authority’s crackdown on violators reflects its commitment to upholding gambling regulations and protecting consumers.

Furthermore, the Spelinspektionen signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) to collaborate on preventing fraud and fixed games. This partnership underscores Sweden’s dedication to safeguarding the integrity of the gambling and sporting sectors.

Amidst these developments, Sweden is also planning to increase gambling taxes, a move that has faced criticism from industry representatives. The Swedish online gambling association, Branschföreningen för Onlinespel, has denounced the tax hike, claiming it will incentivize illegal gambling activities. These changes in gambling laws and regulations reflect Sweden’s ongoing efforts to tighten control over the industry and protect consumers from potential harm.

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