In the second half of 2023, Svenska Spel, Kindred Group, and ATG provided an update on their responsible gambling efforts in Sweden. All three operators reported positive results and continued their efforts to reduce harmful gambling in the country.

Svenska Spel interacted with 1.9% of its players during the latter half of the year. Of those players, 74.8% reduced their gambling after the intervention, and 49.7% started making lower deposits. Additionally, 9.4% of contacted players opted to self-exclude for six months or more, with 3.7% choosing a longer exclusion period. In the Sports & Casino segment, 75.6% of contacted players reduced their gambling, and 49.6% reduced their deposits. Meanwhile, in the Tur arm, 70.5% of contacted players reduced their gambling, with 49.9% decreasing their deposits.

Kindred Group contacted 0.5% of its customers about their spending, and 78.2% of those players reduced their gambling, exceeding the previous figure recorded in the first half of the year. Additionally, 78.6% of the contacted players reduced their deposits. 2.2% of the customers Kindred interacted with chose to exclude themselves from gambling, with 1.6% opting for an exclusion period of over six months. Kindred also highlighted its efforts to protect players from harm through its Journey towards Zero initiative.

On the other hand, ATG contacted 1.5% of its Swedish player base, with 56.4% of those players reducing their gambling and 59.9% reducing their deposits. These figures demonstrate a decline from the first half of the year when a higher percentage of contacted players reduced their gambling and deposits. Finally, 1.5% of the consumers ATG interacted with excluded themselves for at least six months.

Overall, these updates indicate the ongoing commitment of Svenska Spel, Kindred Group, and ATG to promoting responsible gambling and reducing harm in the Swedish market.

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