With the Super Bowl on the horizon, there has been much talk about whether Taylor Swift will make an appearance to support her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, and the Kansas City Chiefs. Despite the excitement among fans, US sportsbooks are not taking bets on Swift’s potential appearance, according to the Associated Press.

Offshore sportsbooks like BetUS in Costa Rica and potentially those in Ontario, Canada, may entertain such wagers, but the situation is different within the United States. Betting laws vary from state to state, and the prevailing norm restricts wagering to on-field events. Some states do permit unconventional bets, such as predicting the color of the Gatorade showered on the winning coach, but even these options are off-limits in Las Vegas.

The reluctance to accept bets on non-game occurrences is rooted in a desire for objectivity. John Ewing, a public relations manager at BetMGM, stated that the preference is for bets to have clear outcomes without room for interpretation. Adam Pullen, assistant trading director at Caesars Sportsbook, also acknowledges the industry’s progress but suggests that certain types of bets, including those related to celebrity appearances like Swift’s, might still face regulatory hurdles.

Swift’s relationship with Kelce has been a notable subplot throughout the NFL season, with the singer attending several Chiefs games, including their triumph in the AFC championship game. Conflicting schedules due to Swift’s performance commitments in Japan during Super Bowl weekend have fueled speculation about her attendance in Las Vegas.

Back in October, when Taylor Swift’s relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce was still only a rumor, it sparked a surge in betting activity, particularly on Kelce’s performance. Bets doubled since the dating rumors emerged, making Kelce the most wagered-on NFL player for anytime touchdown bets during a recent game. Despite the natural inclination for fans to wager on such high-profile appearances, the consensus among industry insiders is to prioritize bets linked directly to on-field action.

While the absence of betting options on Swift’s potential Super Bowl appearance may disappoint some enthusiasts, it underscores the ongoing evolution and regulation of the sports betting landscape in the United States. As anticipation builds for the showdown between the Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, fans will have to content themselves with traditional betting options centered on the game itself.

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