Trainwrecks, a well-known streamer and co-founder of the disruptive streaming service Kick, has hinted at major signings that could “devastate” the streaming industry and create more opportunities for small and mid-sized creators. Kick has made a name for itself by welcoming gambling streamers and allowing users to filter out gambling content if they choose. The platform has already signed big names like Amouranth, Adin Ross, and xQc, reportedly offering xQc a staggering $100 million deal, which has drawn criticism.

Trainwrecks is confident that the upcoming signings on Kick will have a significant impact on the streaming industry, but the identities of these potential signees have not been disclosed. Despite this secrecy, Kick’s aggressive approach to luring prominent figures away from competitors like Twitch and YouTube has made waves in the streaming world.

In addition to attracting big names, Kick has positioned itself as an organic and transparent platform, addressing concerns about botting and gambling content. One of the most appealing aspects for content creators is Kick’s payment structure, which offers a 95/5 revenue split in favor of the creators, much higher than Twitch’s 50/50 and YouTube’s 70/30 splits. Despite these advantages, some creators, like Asmongold, have not yet made the switch to Kick, although there has been speculation about his potential signing with the platform.

If Asmongold were to join Kick, it would align with Trainwrecks’ promise of a “devastating signing,” potentially solidifying the platform’s position as a major player in the streaming industry. The anticipation for these new signings and their potential impact on the streaming paradigm is palpable within the community, as creators and viewers wait to see how the industry will be reshaped by Kick’s strategic signings.

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