A group of friends in Tacoma, Washington, made headlines after successfully fighting off two armed robbers who interrupted their gambling session in a garage. The incident, captured in a viral video on Instagram, took place on Alaska Street.

The video shows three Vietnamese men gambling in the garage when two armed thugs with hoodies suddenly enter. One of the robbers waves a long-barreled rifle and demands the men to give up their money, phones, and keys. The tense situation quickly escalates when one of the robbers hits one of the unarmed men.

In response, the three men fearlessly fight back against the robbers, engaging in a brawl just outside the garage. The video captures the chaotic scene as the men confront the attackers without any apparent fear of the gun.

After the altercation, the men are seen cleaning up the aftermath of the attempted robbery, and one of them is seen holding an assault rifle that likely belonged to one of the robbers. According to online speculation, the robbers had accomplices waiting in a getaway car, and the group fled the scene after the failed robbery.

Despite the online user’s claim that two of the robbers were arrested, the videos did not show the presence of law enforcement at the scene. The videos quickly gained attention online, accumulating thousands of views and sparking numerous comments. Some viewers praised the men for their bravery, while others humorously attributed their courage to the alcoholic beverages they had been consuming during the gambling session.

The viral video has sparked widespread discussion and praise for the men’s resilience in the face of danger. The incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of crime and the importance of remaining vigilant and prepared in unexpected situations.

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