The proposal for the GRIT Act has received mixed reactions, with the American Gaming Association (AGA) expressing strong opposition to the legislation. The trade group believes that the act would further harm the competitiveness of the regulated gambling market and give advantage to rogue and black market operators.

Despite this opposition, Underdog Sports, a company within the industry, has come out in support of the GRIT Act. The company believes that the act could help address the current funding gap in the prevention and treatment of gambling addiction and research. Adam Warrington, VP of responsible gambling at Underdog Sports, emphasized the need for federal resources to support problem gambling prevention and treatment.

So far, the response from other operators has been lukewarm, with many waiting to see the official stance. The AGA has criticized the GRIT Act, arguing that passing legislation without broader collaboration between lawmakers and authorities could be dangerous.

Despite the lack of widespread industry support, Underdog Sports’ vocal support for the GRIT Act is seen as a refreshing and necessary perspective. Their stance could spark a broader debate within the industry and set a healthy precedent for future actions.

Lawmakers, such as Congresswoman Andreas Salinas, have also voiced concerns about the lack of adequate measures to address problem gambling in the United States.

Overall, the debate surrounding the GRIT Act is ongoing, with various stakeholders expressing differing opinions on the potential impact of the proposed legislation. Whether more operators will join Underdog Sports in supporting the act remains to be seen.

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