Kindred Group recently made a significant announcement regarding a new partnership agreement with Optimove, the leading customer relationship management (CRM) marketing solution provider for the iGaming industry. This partnership aims to help Kindred’s flagship brand, Unibet, grow through proven player-led marketing strategies and process optimization.

The decision to partner with Optimove aligns with Kindred’s strategic plan to invest in scaling retention marketing solutions while maximizing player lifetime value as a crucial driver for growth. The group will leverage Optimove’s scientific approach embedded in its CRM Marketing solution to better evaluate and attribute the incremental value of each player interaction while boosting its efficiency from an operational standpoint.

As part of the partnership, Kindred will utilize Optimove’s complete suite, which encompasses mobile, SMS, and email marketing channels. Additionally, the group will benefit from personalized experiences via Opti-X, Optimove’s Digital Experience Platform that customizes digital experiences using more than 20 artificial intelligence models with business rules.

Unibet will also gain access to unified customer profiles featuring predictive, historical, and real-time customer data from various sources, enabling the generation of comprehensive single-customer views that can be accessed by CRM Marketing teams. Furthermore, the group will enter an ongoing optimization loop by using Optimove’s productized experimentation tools to assess the incremental uplift of each new strategy and campaign, ultimately optimizing its CRM marketing performance.

Optimove’s vice president of revenue, gaming, Motti Colman, described Kindred as a true leader in iGaming committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience to their players. He also called the new partnership a powerful alliance and expressed their appreciation for the group’s confidence in their capabilities.

Dan Gabay, Kindred’s director of retention marketing, expressed certainty regarding Optimove’s contribution to their efforts to improve players’ experiences through personalized and timely customer messages that align with the speed of player interactions.

The announcement of this partnership comes at an interesting time, as La Française des Jeux recently announced its plans to acquire the Kindred Group for approximately $2.5 billion at the end of January. This partnership between Kindred Group and Optimove reflects the company’s commitment to enhancing the customer experience and driving growth through innovative marketing strategies.

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