Acres, a leading casino tech expert, has secured a significant victory in a patent dispute against international software supplier IGT. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) ruled in favor of Acres, rejecting IGT’s allegations that Acres’ Foundation casino management system infringed on IGT’s patents.

The Foundation product provides casino management solutions, including cashless options for brick-and-mortar casinos. Despite IGT’s claims that Acres’ product violated four of its patents, the USPTO’s reexamination found no infringement.

Acres, founded by AGA hall-of-famer John Acres, specializes in innovative casino technology to help partners stand out in a competitive market. John Acres expressed satisfaction with the USPTO’s decision, stating that the ruling will dismiss all claims of infringement against Foundation and prevent any increase in product pricing.

Acres also criticized IGT for asserting its patents against his company, suggesting that the lawsuit was unwarranted. He pointed out that if IGT had succeeded, the imposed royalties on Foundation would have forced price increases, impacting casino customers.

In related news, Acres recently appointed David Bain as its new chief financial officer, praising his expertise. Meanwhile, IGT reported stagnant but healthy revenues in its Q3 results, with profitability impacted by various factors. The company remains optimistic about its long-term performance, and it recently launched the IGT PlaySport-powered sportsbook in Puerto Rico.

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