FanDuel Group, the leading online gaming and sports entertainment company in North America, has announced a major partnership with popular casino content creator, Vegas Matt. This new collaboration aims to promote FanDuel Casino and emphasize the importance of responsible gambling.

Under the terms of the exclusive deal, Vegas Matt will serve as an Ambassador for FanDuel Casino, creating content that highlights the casino’s features and engages in various activities such as giveaways, streams, and educational sessions on responsible play.

Vegas Matt will deliver exclusive content through his digital channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. He will also focus on promoting Responsible Gaming content and encouraging the use of the tools offered by FanDuel. In addition, he will participate in exclusive events for FanDuel customers.

FanDuel Casino, available in five US states including Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, and West Virginia, has experienced considerable growth, achieving a 5% year-over-year increase in 2023 in the states where it operates. This growth outperformed its competitors in the iGaming vertical in those jurisdictions. The partnership with Vegas Matt is seen as an opportunity to further engage new customers.

Daniele Phillips, Vice President of Brand Strategy at FanDuel Casino, expressed optimism about the partnership, stating that Vegas Matt’s content creation skills and large following will help introduce new audiences to FanDuel Casino. She emphasized that he will highlight the benefits of the casino and provide engaging content on the platform.

In response, Vegas Matt expressed his excitement about the partnership, eager to introduce his audience to FanDuel Casino and showcase the range of games available on the platform. He also emphasized the importance of enjoying games responsibly.

Overall, the collaboration between FanDuel Casino and Vegas Matt is expected to enhance the casino’s visibility and attract new customers while promoting responsible gambling practices.

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