Timor-Leste, a small island nation in the eastern part of Timor Island, is looking to become the next global hub for online gaming licensing and professional support services. The Virtual Gaming Association (VGA) of Timor-Leste is working towards establishing the island as the next iGaming hub, similar to Malta.

In a recent meeting with global gaming operators in Malta, representatives of the VGA discussed policies that would set up Timor-Leste as a global iGaming licensing hub. In order to achieve this, the country would need to implement robust player protection measures and strict technological requirements for operators. The VGA sees the predominantly young population of the island as an important factor for attracting operators and creating call and data center jobs.

The ultimate goal is to establish Timor-Leste as a reliable and business-friendly jurisdiction that attracts operators from all over the world. Additionally, the VGA hopes to eventually develop luxurious casino resorts on the island.

In other online gaming news, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has cracked down on a number of non-compliant operators. The MGA canceled the license of Arabmillionaire Limited and issued a notice of license cancellation to AMGO Gaming, which had failed to pay its fees to the authority. Similarly, the MGA canceled the authorization of SFJL Holdings due to unpaid fees.

The MGA also clarified that it has no connections with kaiyin.io, stating that any reference to the authority cited by the operator is “false and misleading.” The regulator emphasized the importance for players to only engage with operators that are known to be legal.

Overall, Timor-Leste’s efforts to become an iGaming hub and the MGA’s crackdown on non-compliant operators are indicative of the ongoing developments and challenges in the online gaming industry.

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