Wynn Resorts has recently announced an increase in resort fees for its Las Vegas properties, affecting the wallets of travelers. Effective January 24, 2024, the daily resort fee has been raised to $50 plus tax for reservations made on or after that date. Prior bookings, however, will retain the previous rate of $45 plus tax per day.

These resort fees encompass a range of services and amenities, including in-room Wi-Fi, access to fitness centers and pools, spa reservations, golf tee times, and access to digital newsstands. Additionally, guests can enjoy the convenience of Alexa in-room entertainment services and room controls.

This decision comes as hotel rates in Las Vegas fluctuate. The night before Super Bowl Sunday, hotel room rates in the city plummeted by an estimated 35%, signaling potential shifts in the hospitality industry. Wynn Resorts aims to maintain the quality and range of amenities offered to its guests, even as economic factors influence pricing structures.

In a similar move, MGM Resorts also increased resort fees at its Las Vegas properties in January. Rates at Bellagio, Aria, Vdara, MGM Grand, and Cosmopolitan now stand at $50, effective since January 16, 2024.

Resort fees are often seen as hidden charges, serving to maintain lower official room rates for better online rankings and reduced commissions. Amidst post-pandemic adjustments and increased competition, Las Vegas resorts are strategizing to balance supply and demand.

President Joe Biden recently visited Las Vegas and vowed to eliminate hidden junk fees, including resort fees, that inflate accommodation costs for US citizens. He expressed his intent to combat such practices on social media, stressing their impact on hardworking families.

While specifics on eradication methods remain undisclosed, Biden’s commitment to lower costs echoes previous promises targeting deceptive pricing and a crackdown on junk fees. As travelers plan their stays in Las Vegas, they may need to factor in these adjusted resort fees when budgeting for their trips.

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