Geolocation technology company Xpoint has significantly expanded its presence in the United States by obtaining licenses in 12 new states and the District of Columbia. With these new licenses, Xpoint now holds licenses in a total of 19 states, covering nearly three-fourths of the American population.

The company announced that it has secured licenses in Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia. Xpoint also confirmed that it is already operational in several of these states, including Colorado, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Maryland.

Furthermore, Xpoint’s geolocation services are currently available in Ohio, Tennessee, and the Canadian province of Ontario.

Specializing in geolocation security solutions, Xpoint provides essential services to online casino and sports betting companies, allowing them to remain compliant with geolocation requirements in their operating markets. The company’s advanced geo-compliance product suite, Xpoint Verify, includes fraud detection and prevention solutions, and can be seamlessly integrated by operators for both mobile and desktop platforms. Additionally, clients can expect exceptional customer service alongside reliable geolocation tracking.

Xpoint’s CEO, Manu Gambhir, described the new licenses as a “milestone” in the company’s journey and emphasized the company’s confidence in the continued growth of the US online gambling industry. He also highlighted the lack of competition in the geolocation sector, expressing hope that Xpoint’s expansion into more states will encourage innovation and lower costs for operators.

Gambhir, who joined Xpoint as CEO in May 2023, also addressed the company’s previous legal dispute with competitor GeoComply, stating that the case was ultimately dismissed.

Overall, Xpoint’s expansion marks a significant development for the company as it solidifies its position as a leading geolocation technology specialist in the US market.

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