Popular streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel recently made headlines after disclosing the details of his $100 million contract with the streaming platform Kick. However, his claims were met with skepticism from fellow content creator Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who disputed the deal as “misleading.”

During an episode of his AFK w/ Ninja Podcast, Ninja expressed doubts about xQc’s deal, suggesting that it may involve gambling and stake money. He referenced his own experience with a major contract, signed with the now defunct platform Mixer, when addressing xQc’s claims.

xQc quickly hit back, calling Ninja, Hasan, and Pokimane’s comments “cringe” and providing further clarification on his contract. He emphasized that his deal is straightforward and does not include any gambling or crypto aspects, likening it to a standard corporate job with no equity or stocks.

The streamer went on to explain the breakdown of his contract, detailing a 24-month timeline with monthly payments, as well as a signing bonus and advance. He described the initial payment as “kind of insane,” indicating that he received a substantial lump sum upfront in addition to regular monthly payments.

While unable to disclose all the specific details, xQc invited Pokimane, Hasan, and Ninja to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and review his contract for themselves. He maintained that their comments did not impact him but urged them to seek accurate information before making claims. In a bold move, xQc offered to debunk any misconceptions surrounding his deal by sharing the entirety of the contract.

Kick, a rising competitor to Twitch, has positioned itself as a platform offering favorable contracts and greater freedom of speech for its users. While currently trailing behind Twitch in viewership, Kick has managed to attract several prominent streamers through lucrative deals and incentives.

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