ZEAL Network, a global consortium of lottery companies, is bidding farewell to its chief commercial officer. The departing CCO, Sönke Martens, will remain with the company for a period to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities.

Martens is scheduled to leave his position at the end of February 2024 but has chosen to step down from the executive board with immediate effect from November 30. This move leaves the board with just three members: CEO Helmut Becker, CFO Sebastian Bielski, and CTO Paul Dingwitz.

Having been a part of the ZEAL Network for a significant amount of time, Martens first joined the group as the managing director of eSailors. After six and a half years in that role, he was promoted to chief commercial officer and head of the LOTTO24 and Tipp24 businesses. Subsequently, Martens ascended to the position of CCO of ZEAL Network and became a member of its executive board.

Before his tenure at ZEAL, Martens held a banking position at HSH Nordbank, worked briefly as a consultant at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, and held various positions at XING. In 2010, he founded loftville.com, a marketplace for premium real estate offers.

ZEAL Network’s CEO, Helmut Becker, expressed regret over Martens’ departure from the company but conveyed best wishes on behalf of the executive board. Becker commended Martens for his outstanding contributions, passion, and the positive impact he had on the company.

Becker disclosed that Martens is now pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities outside of the company. Peter Steiner, the chair of ZEAL’s board, also acknowledged Martens’ efforts and thanked him for his significant role in shaping ZEAL’s culture and contributing to its position as a leading e-commerce company.

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